ISO 7 Softwall Cleanroom for Vacuum Technology

Built to: Protect the production of vacuum technology

Size: 30m² 

Type: Modular Softwall Panel System with gowning area

ISO 8 Monobloc Cleanroom voor Kalibratie Processen

Gebouwd voor: Contaminatiecontrole  voor de kalibratieprocessen

Afmeting: 45m²

Type: Monobloc Puracure paneelsysteem

ISO 6 & 7 Hardwall Cleanroom

Built to: house semiconductor machinery

Size: 49.2m² 

Type: Hardwall with cleanroom air conditioning (A/C)

ISO 7 Cleanroom for Cleaning and Packing Bio Industry Seal Products

Built to: Protect industrial grade sealing parts, such as o rings

Size: 18m²

Type: Hardwall

ISO 7 HEPA-lite™ Cleanroom

Gebouwd om twee spuitgietmachines onder te brengen.

Afmeting: 44 m²

Type: Hardwall met geautomatiseerde HEPA-lite™ luchtstroomoverkappingen

ISO 7 Hardwall Cleanroom

Built to: protect the production of aerospace components

Size: 30m² 

Type: hardwall    



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