• Vacuum technology cleanroom

Built to: Protect the production of vacuum technology

Size: 30m² 

Type: Modular Softwall Panel System with gowning area

What did our client need?

Environmental contamination control is mission critical for the production, maintenance and packing of vacuum technologies, as exposure of sensitive vacuum components to contaminants could result in product failure. 

How did we help our client?

Our client, a vacuum technology specialist, manage this risk with an ISO Class 7 Connect 2 Cleanrooms modular cleanroom, to assure customers that the vacuum technology produced is ultra-clean and therefore will operate at optimal efficiency.

As the state of gas and particle density is so important to a vacuum’s effectiveness, maintenance on critical vacuum components is performed inside the cleanroom to reduce the risk of contamination. 

The company also uses the cleanroom to pack its vacuum components, so end-users can transfer its products directly into their cleanroom.

The modular cleanroom uses HEPA filtration which is 99.99% efficient at 0.3 µm, to meet the air cleanliness requirements designated by cleanroom standard ISO 14644-1:2015, Class 7.

Our client allocated an enclosed room to locate its cleanroom, so Connect 2 Cleanrooms designed a cleanroom of softwall construction to maximise on the space available and allow for ambient light to filter through. 

This is enhanced by cleanroom lighting at appropriate levels for operational tasks that require a high perception of detail, to improve task accuracy and operator comfort.

How did the client benefit?

As the cleanroom was pre-engineered for an efficient installation on site, the cleanroom installation and commissioning was completed in just a few days, so there was no disruption to our client on daily work and could quickly begin benefiting from the investment.

A modular cleanroom facility was considered to be a lasting investment, as it would be able to be relocated if required by the business.

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