The Cleanroom Installation Process

Cleanroom installation is performed by Connect 2 Cleanrooms' trained, competent and experienced Installation and Validation (I&V) team. As we implement offsite construction methodologies, building a cleanroom is a smooth and clean process of assembling pre-engineered components.

Cleanroom Installation

A dedicated C2C Project Manager or Site Lead will be in place for the duration of the install, to manage the cleanroom build and ensure continuity.

Risk assessments and method statements will be in place to provide guidance to the I&V team and appropriate PPE will be worn and site inductions adhered to.

The technical competency of the team is provided through external Cleanroom Technology training to professional status and a wide range of professional qualifications ensure skills competency.

The I&V team are also responsible for building cleamnroom extensions and cleanroom relocations.

How to Build a Cleanroom

If you are looking to build your own cleanroom, take a look at the modular cleanroom range on, which features hardwall and softwall cleanroom assembly kits in a range of popular sizes.

With this range of pre-engineered cleanrooms, you can create a classified clean environment without having to invest precious time and resources into cleanroom planning and design. For a bespoke cleanroom, contact us.

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